Traveling light: the advantages and our advice

To pack light

15 dresses, 15 t-shirts, 15 pairs of shorts, not forgetting the 5 pairs of shoes, the accessories, the makeup bag, the body care kit and so on... This is what the suitcase looks like a person who is only going away for 5 days and who apparently does not know the advantages of traveling light. If you recognize yourself here, this article is for you! You will discover how to travel light and the many benefits that come with it.


Freedom of travel
Whether you opt for a backpack, a sports bag or a small suitcase, you will have much more freedom to move around than with large checked luggage. Have you just landed and want to have a coffee in a small restaurant? With light luggage, you will have no space restrictions to enjoy your hot drink.

Saving time and money

Time saving
Traveling with carry-on baggage allows you to avoid lines to check in your luggage and wait for collection once you arrive at your destination. This will save you valuable time and reduce the risk of missing your flight due to long check-in delays.

Money saving
Traveling light allows you to avoid excess baggage fees imposed by some airlines. These fees can quickly add to the cost of your trip, especially if checked baggage is not included in the price of your ticket. By traveling with a carry-on and a small backpack, you can avoid these additional costs. Plus, you'll save on baggage storage fees and taxi rides for short trips. Savings guaranteed!

Freedom of mind

Is my luggage too heavy? Will I have to pay fees for excess weight? Was my baggage lost during my stopover? Was my suitcase damaged during transport? These are all stressful questions that can be avoided by traveling light. By opting for a carry-on, you free yourself from these worries and enjoy a more peaceful trip.

Our advices

Plan to wash your clothes during the trip
Washing your clothes when traveling allows you to bring less and therefore travel lighter! Before you leave, locate places where you can wash your clothes. This simple tip will help you save space in your luggage.

Plan your complete outfits in advance

We all have a friend who never knows what to wear when traveling and therefore decides to bring their entire wardrobe. To avoid ending up like your friend with too much luggage, take a moment to plan your outfits in advance. Visualize comfortable outfits for each day of your trip and pack only the bare essentials.

Organize your suitcase

ORGANIZATION. An essential tip for finding each item in your luggage! Use compression bags and organization sets to maximize space. Carry U offers various items to make carrying easier and traveling in style. Our organizational set, including compression bags, is available for $120.00 +tx on our website. It includes: 3 compression bags, 1 passport bag, 1 electronic bag, 1 makeup and cosmetic bag, and 1 shoe bag. With a rating of 4.7/5 from 13 reviews, our customers love our products!

Choosing the right “carry-on”
Choosing the right “carry-on” is essential for traveling light and efficiently. Opt for compact but spacious luggage that complies with airline restrictions. The PüRE smart suitcase from Carry U is perfect for this: compact, modern and with integrated USB and USB-C ports. Discover all its features on our website.

Traveling light has a multitude of practical and psychological benefits that will radically transform your travel experience. By reducing your personal belongings to the bare essentials, you will gain freedom of movement and flexibility, while avoiding the stress of lost luggage or excess weight. Follow our tips to optimize your space and enjoy a stress-free trip. Goodbye overfull suitcases, hello lightness!