Mes trucs pour se protéger les cheveux pendant l’hiver

My tips for protecting your hair during winter

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Seasonal changes are never good for our hair or our skin!

With the icy wind, the friction on coats or on a hat which creates static electricity, the hair, in winter, takes quite a hit! They become drier, break more easily and lack shine.

Why is winter so harsh on hair?

In Quebec, our winters are very humid. Even if the mercury is not that low, the cold is sneaky and can be felt even under a big down jacket. Then, when we arrive at the office or at home, we put the heater in the carpet! We therefore go from a cold and humid climate to a hot and dry climate, several times a day... and that dehydrates the skin and hair! In addition, putting on and taking off a hat or even just a hood creates friction that damages the hair.

To avoid finding yourself with a shapeless clod on your head in the spring, I have some professional tips to help you protect your hair from the cold and everything that the Quebec winter throws at us!

Here are a few tips :

1.Use a product that protects against humidity

You know, in Quebec, the climate is humid. When it's not snow, it's rain! Getting your blow-dry to hold is not always easy! You just made yourself an absolutely perfect, trendy one for your date ...and it's starting to rain outside? Do not panic ! A good hairspray is the solution. I recommend HOLD.ME. In addition to giving shine, without creating residue, it offers UV protection for your hair!


2.Brush your hair gently

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It's not when your hair is already traumatized by winter that you have to fight with a comb, dry, to undo your knots! I often advise my clients to detangle their hair when it is wet, ideally with more conditioner to make it even softer. This prevents hair breakage. It’s also much more effective at controlling frizz! The ideal is to use a large-toothed comb, it's really the least aggressive for your hair and scalp!

3.Use a leave-in treatment

To better combat external aggressions during winter, it's always a good idea to use a leave-in treatment every time you wash your hair. So you should use it more than once a week. I love the Fab Me leave-in treatment. This treatment offers eighteen benefits! Among these :

It is a super effective detangler.

It makes styling easier.

It helps reduce drying time.

It reduces static.

It helps control frizz.

It deeply hydrates the hair.

It protects against damage caused by winter weather.

4.Tying up your hair when going out in the cold

When you venture outside in winter, your hair is exposed to the external aggressions of wind, cold and snow. Tying your hair up makes it easier to protect it than if it were completely loose. I love scrunchies so much that I made my own! It's perfect for a hairstyle that's not too tight, and lets your hair relax a little! Plus, it's super trendy.

5.Make moisturizing and nourishing hair masks

Incorporating hair masks into your routine is a very good idea, all year round, even if you don't have dry hair. In winter, it's even more important! In the middle of summer you may not want to wear a mask often, but in winter, I strongly advise you to do it at least once a week. Taking care of your hair is crucial for healthy hair.

I have two products to suggest, both of which are awesome! The KURE mask is a nourishing mask, practically miraculous for very damaged hair, whether by chemical processes or by the hazards of winter! The Gloss.Me mask is perfect for restoring the natural hydration of your hair and restoring its shine.

6.Hydrate yourself!

We can't say it enough, it's super important to drink water and stay hydrated! It's perhaps less of a reflex in winter when you don't sweat like in July! On the other hand, it's the perfect time to make hot and tasty herbal teas all day long! There are plenty of products to moisturize your hair from the outside! On the other hand, for your shiny hair and healthy skin, you also need to hydrate from the inside!

And the dryer in all this?

You've probably already read somewhere that hairdryers can be harmful to your hair. This is not wrong in itself. On the other hand, going out with wet hair in the middle of winter can also be quite bad ! It is therefore a matter of case by case! It's better to dry your hair a little than to go out with a wet head, but if you're coming out of the shower and don't plan to go out, ditch your dryer!

So! With these simple tips, your hair can stay healthier! And then, we know, even if winter is theoretically coming to an end, the weather always has surprises in store for us. I hope you liked this blog! To have access to exclusive content and discounts, subscribe to my newsletter!

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