SECÜRE - Universal Phone Patch

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Color Black

CARRY U's SECÜRE: The perfect accessory to elevate your phone's security and functionality./span>

  • Universal and Secure: Compatible with almost all phone cases.
  • Easy to Install: The ultra-thin card seamlessly fits between your phone and its case, enabling easy connection to accessories such as a cord or strap.
  • ninterrupted Charging: Does not interfere with both wired and wireless charging, no need for removal.

Enhance the use of your phone securely.

  • Universal and Secure: Designed to work with almost any phone case.
  • Easy Installation: The ultra-thin card fits between your phone and the case, allowing connection to accessories like a rope or strap.
  • Uninterrupted Charging: Does not interfere with wired and wireless charging, without needing to be removed.

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Square Box


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