Le style de l’acteur Michele Morrone fait tourner les têtes et nous avons trouvé 3 façons d’adopter son look!

Actor Michele Morrone's style is turning heads and we've found 3 ways to rock his look!

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Michele Morrone, the sexy man from the film 365 DNI, is currently getting a lot of girls talking. And his hair is one of the cute elements that make this young Italian an object of interest.

A single well-executed cut can allow you too to have several looks. You just need to use different styling products. What you need to tell your hairdresser to achieve a cut like this actor is to avoid too much contrast in length between the top and the sides. This is why I suggest a gradual one, performed with scissors over comb or clippers over comb.

1. The 'Wet' look

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This look is definitely one of the current trends!

To succeed, you need a gel like Redken's extra clean gel. To apply to wet hair , to maintain the natural wavy/curly hair. Do not comb your hair after applying the product !!

    2. The 'Wavy Back Hairstyle' Look

    This look is just perfect for more glamorous evenings, or for an important business meeting . Not everyone can afford it since it requires a certain amount of hair placement to keep everything in place. Using the dryer after showering will help your hair stay in the desired direction. This drying method will also make it easier to apply the styling product. The ideal product for this look is Kevin Murphy's styling cream . It offers the desired hold with perfect shine, without freezing the hair.

    3. The 'Beachy' look

    This look is worn forward which gives a beautiful fringe with movement. The curlier the hair, the more punch it has. Sea salt spray is perfect for defining curls . As soon as you get out of the shower, you dry your hair with the towel to accentuate the natural movement of your hair, then direct it forward with your fingers. Then, use the spray to tone the cut.

    To find out more about our selection of hair products, click here .

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