5 astuces pour éviter d’avoir les cheveux gras

5 tips to avoid having greasy hair

Posted by Ophelia Anna on

You are tired of seeing your greasy, heavy and sticky hair on your head.
This inconvenience is caused by a hormonal problem, a disruption of the sebaceous glands which, operating in accelerated mode, secrete an excessive quantity of sebum.

Me first, since having an IUD inserted, I suddenly had these problems with my hair. Over time and thanks to my experience, I have fortunately found some tips that I share here with you:

1.Use a shampoo suitable for oily hair . My favorite product is the O'terra shampoo bar. It is 100% natural and mainly composed of vegan organic ingredients. Thanks to cranberry powder, rosemary and nettle extracts, it is perfect for deeply exfoliating your scalp.

2.Use the O'terra hair brush which will clean your scalp deeply. Its strands dislodge dandruff and sebum embedded in the pores, which activates microcirculation and oxygenates the scalp. The O'terra brush will go hand in hand with the shampoo bar.

3.When the time comes to detangle your hair, ditch the combs and brushes with fine, tight teeth, which tend to stimulate sebum production. The Menz Club comb is what you need, since it is made of wide and spaced teeth.

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4.Choose your silk pillowcases. Surprisingly, this material has the power to reduce sebum production and gives you the pleasure of waking up in the morning with less oily hair.

5. Ever since I learned about Quikie.Me dry shampoo , I can't live without it. Its foam formula is perfect for daily use, without leaving any residue. It allows you to postpone washing your hair until later!

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