Voici 3 façons de faire sourire ton papa pour la fête des pères

Here are 3 ways to make your dad smile this Father's Day

Posted by Ophelia Anna on

No headaches, promise!

Because you want to spoil your dad, but you don't know where to start!
Don't panic, we've prepared a list of the best gifts, all delivered straight to your door.

PSSST: you can even write him a little personalized note.

The Menz Club gift box

Products: gift box

Because your dad is the prettiest and strongest, he deserves the best products to stay healthy for a very long time!

We all know that to have beautiful skin, you need to be disciplined, maintain a daily routine and use the right products. If your dad shaves regularly, moisturizing his face well is a must to slow down the aging of his skin and prevent irritation due to shaving.

PSSST: we're offering you $35 off the gift box from June 9 to 15, 2020.

The Brave & Bearded duo

Products: beard oil - the brush

Because your dad is trying to be trendy with his Covid beard, help him maintain it effectively in 2 simple steps. A beard oil will moisturize it well, then the brush will replace the hairs. A good little ritual in the morning!

PSSST: in addition, get $5 off Brave & Bearded products with the promo code: papabarbu

The Quebec Products gift box

In this time of crisis, we know that it is important to encourage local purchasing. This is why we thought of this selection of products for him, 100% Quebecois.

PSSST: we have decided to offer $10 off your order of Quebec products for your dad with the promo code: ProduitsQC .

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