5 astuces pour les cheveux bouclés !

5 tips for curly hair!

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Do you have curly hair and are you often on the verge of shaving it all off? Before you take out your clipper, read the 5 tips I have for you. With this, you will be able to keep your hair natural, like your favorite Quebec personalities!

It's not easy to have perfect curls, even if you curl naturally. In addition to my tips, I have a list of products that I always recommend to my curly hair clients:


1. Use a good detangler

A good detangler is essential. This is often the only way to undo the knots already present. It also helps moisturize well to prevent rough curls and future knots.

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2. Detangle the hair with a suitable comb

If you brush your hair after you get out of the shower, you risk ending up with a lion's mane or a "perm 1988" look. In short, you're going to have way too much volume. And if you don't curl so easily, you'll lose your curl. To avoid all this, I recommend the texturizing comb . Thanks to these spaced teeth, it detangles the hair, without undoing curls or creating mega volume.

3. Enable Loop

One of the perfect products to activate the curl is a styling cream. If your hair doesn't curl a lot, this will help activate it. If you curl faster than your shadow, the cream will help control your curls and give them a beautiful shape. If you have short hair or are looking to create more volume, sea salt spray is great for that.

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4. Use an anti-frizz oil

Anti-frizz oil is often the best friend of people with curly hair. I recommend the design.me serum ! The ideal is to apply it to the ends to moisturize well, especially if your ends are split. This will help remove all the frizz and have a much more controlled curl.

5.Use water to reactivate your curl

Bad hair day? Are your curls all crooked when you wake up? If you haven't re-washed your hair, the products used to tame your hair will still be there. So I advise you to simply sprinkle a little water to comb your hair in the morning. Your curls will regain their appearance.

Discover my other tips right here !

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