Ton masque t’irrite la peau ?

Does your mask irritate your skin?

Posted by Ophelia Anna on

You don't have too many problems with wearing a mask, but your skin doesn't seem to be feeling good?

Wearing a mask is a necessary public health measure, but it can have harmful effects on your skin. Unsurprisingly, your skin doesn't breathe well either with a piece of fabric constantly blocking it. Whether you have a beard or not, you risk seeing one of these two common problems:

Irritation and dryness

You might think your beard protects you from everything, but that's not really the case. It's even quite the opposite. The skin of the face, including that of men, is very fragile. If, in addition, you use a mask often, it risks drying out and irritating the skin a lot. Think about it, these are two layers that build up and prevent your skin from breathing well, in addition to trapping moisture and bacteria.

Oily Skin Problems

Ironically, with the mask, some people will have drier skin and others will have oilier skin. With a foreign body in the face for a long time, it is possible that the skin secretes more sebum than usual. With sweat and humidity getting trapped in your mask and/or beard, it risks creating classic problems like pimples or blackheads.

Not cool, right? Don't despair, I have some tips to improve your daily skin care and avoid these two problems.

  • Keep your beard short! No need to shave everything off, but avoiding the biker or medieval wizard look will allow your skin to breathe better.
  • If you don't already do it, it's really important to clean your skin well, EVERY day. There are no rest days with facials! Choose a gentle product designed for your skin type.
  • Change your mask every 2 hours . This prevents bacteria and humidity from accumulating.
  • Hydrate your skin! It's not complicated, when you wash, you moisturize.

Don't know which product to use? That's good, my facial cleansing and moisturizing duo is PERFECT to keep your skin beautiful , even under your bard and mask. What makes it so fantastic? It's simple :

  • It does not contain sulfates or parabens. These two ingredients dry out the skin and are often found in cosmetic products… but not in these!
  • It contains natural ingredients such as witch hazel and camellia sinensis (tea tree) which deeply cleanse and disinfect the skin and beard extremely effectively. Hello bacteria!
  • It also contains natural hydrating ingredients like aloe vera, babassu seed oil and argan oil. These three ingredients are pretty top in terms of hydrating the skin!

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