Ce que tu dois faire pour passer d’une couleur foncée à une couleur pâle

What you need to do to go from a dark color to a light color

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We all know that dyeing , bleaching and styling your hair with heated tools damages the hair. I explain to you how to keep your hair shiny and healthy , while having the color and blow-dry of the hour .

Going from a dark color to a lighter color is by far what stresses your hair the most. Even though you already know it, you are stubborn and you want this change. You will therefore need to be disciplined, invest in good products and follow the steps below:

1. Choose your hairdresser

Everyone could become a colorist, but in reality, it's a job that requires a lot more knowledge than we seem to believe. You need to be strategic when selecting your hairdresser for your coloring appointment. In the last article , I revealed my 11 hairstylists in the industry who I would trust with my eyes closed.

2. Alternate your favorite products

First, choose your products carefully. Prefer those that contain suitable ingredients that will deeply cleanse , hydrate and nourish your hair. Then alternate from one product to another during washing, just to get the best from each.

Recently , I tried the Gloss.Me duo from Design.me and the shine that these vegan products (gluten-free, sulfate-free and paraben-free) offer to my hair is more than impressive . Plus, in case you haven't noticed, this company is 100% Quebecois !

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3. Treat your hair to treatments

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It is essential to restore the keratin of hair that has been bleached . I suggest a protein mask which provides much more effective hydration than your conditioner.

Once again, I love alternating my treatments!
These days I'm falling for the Gloss.me mask & the Kure treatment from amika!

PSSST: I'll give you $5 off when you buy more than 2 Gloss.me products ;)
Use this code: GLOSS

4. Adopt a good thermo-protector
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There are miraculous products that detangle hair, fight frizz , add shine and protect hair. This is what I call an essential ! The heat protection allows you to style your hair without any hassle.

The Fab.Me is just incredible! Spray a small amount in your hair when you get out of the shower and that's it.

5. Use a hydrating serum

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I tested this product with great reservations because every time I try a serum, I get oily hair. But Gloss.Me convinced me. It leaves my hair shiny, supple, silky, hydrated and oil-free .


It is made from cold-pressed cannabis sativa seed oil!! Another idea from the Canadian company Design.Me.

For more advice, you can check out my Instagram account @ophelia.nagar , I have several little hair tutorials!

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